The conference offers one stream of dedicated content that
addresses how successful facilities management (FM) can impact
not just the financial and productivity performance of businesses
but also their social agendas.

It will also look at the wider influence that FM has on the economy
and society. Facilities management must raise its strategic profile
within business by ensuring its alignment to and enablement of
business objectives, this conference will support FMs in hearing
how to engage on these levels but also for business leaders in
demonstrating how FM can form a key component in meeting
business goals.

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ThinkFM 2014 speakers include

  • Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Personnel
    and Development (CIPD)
  • Chris Kane, CEO of BBC Commercial Projects
  • Lord Redesdale, CEO of the Energy Managers Association (EMA),
    Carbon Management Association (CMA)
    and Low Energy Company (LEC)
  • Prof John Hinks, Global Head of Innovation, Zurich Insurance

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ITN Productions will be covering the ThinkFM
conference, with select footage to be broadcast
after the event.

Furthermore the ThinkFM evening drinks reception will host the
premiere of the new FM TV programme in partnership with
BIFM and ITN Productions, presented by Natasha Kaplinsky.
The programme will address the importance of FM to society
and the UK economy; showcasing the tangible results of
strategically aligned FM.

Attend ThinkFM and be at this key premiere.

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ThinkFM Conference

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The ThinkFM 2014 conference will innovate, inspire and influence by focusing on ‘The workplace and beyond: Facilities management’s impact on business, the economy and society’. Tickets are now available for the conference which will bring together business leaders and FM professionals to address FM’s far-reaching impact.

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