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Today ThinkFM is established the go-to conference for facilities management professionals and business leaders looking to make an impact through their facilities and workplace strategy.

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Engaging in the psychological contract

What to do when your objectively measured, efficient and effective workplace still falls short of the mark on ‘productivity’ Session: You’re efficient. Well done. Now what? Nigel...
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Smarter working works

What can the facilities manager do to help an organisation work more smartly? Changing focus from costs to enabling better outcomes Session: The FM’s role in...
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Programme included

Day 1
18 May 2016

Marginal gains in F1

Marc Priestley, Formula One and Formula E broadcaster and writer, F1 freelancer and former Race Team Mechanic at McLaren Racing. At ThinkFM Marc will be showing the impact that marginal...
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Marc Priestley

Happiness & productivity

Session: Happiness and productivity – scientific good sense? Eugenio Proto; Associate Professor, University of Warwick Happier Firms are more productive and happier people have higher wages, but this correlation does...
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Eugenio Proto

Agenda for well-being

Session: Setting an aspirational agenda for well-being that’s good for employees and good for business The world of work is changing fast and people are living and working longer. There...
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Dr Jill Miller

Think productively

Session: Think Productively and Brilliantly Every Day Remember when you last felt brilliant and productive. Your day went well, you thought clearly, you gave a great performance at work, activities...
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Katie Ledger

Smart Working: The FM’s role in organisational success

By understanding how people work and removing the barriers that stop people working effectively facilities managers can reframe their role to become recognised contributors to organisational performance. This presentation will...
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Bridget Hardy

Smart workplace

Session: How the National Grid boosted performance through smart workspace National Grid have utilised their workplace and facilities management provision to enable a productivity increase of what it equates to...
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Simon Carter

Strategic value

Session: Why doing the basics brilliantly adds real strategic value The principles of measuring customer effort score when using services was originally sponsored by a Harvard Business Review article entitled...
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Jacqueline Cupper

You’re efficient. Now what?

Session: You’re efficient. Well done. Now what? The CRE/FM industries have responded to pressure over the the years to deliver significant costs savings to their businesses. Often this has been...
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Nigel Bunclark

Productivity: whose problem?

Session: Productivity: Our problem, their problem or your problem? Facilities management and corporate real estate are vital parts of any organisation’s infrastructure. But even now many organisations largely view them...
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Tim Oldman
Polly Plunket-Checkemian

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