About ThinkFM

ThinkFM is the annual flagship conference from the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM). Launched in 2011, the concept of ThinkFM is to promote debate and future thinking to focus the FM profession on how it needs to evolve to deliver benefits to business, the economy and wider society.

Created as a platform for these wide-ranging discussions around facilities management’s role and impact, the conference is relevant for business leaders, FM, HR, IT and workplace professionals and attracts more than 300 delegates each year.

In 2015 it was awarded a ‘Mark of Excellence’ for Best London Conference at the Association Excellence Awards.

The agenda generally comprises strategists, futurists and case studies. Delegates from outside the FM sector attend to get the opportunity to understand how they can harness the expertise of their FM for their business.

What to expect from ThinkFM 2018

In 2018, the FM sector’s flagship conference takes place near St Pauls, London. The theme: Think(beyond)FM  ‘Adapt or Disappear’ will explore the major disrupters in facilities management and how businesses and individuals can turn them to their advantage. The conference will feature debate by the industry’s leaders on business profitability and the major disruptors which will impact FM and FM professionals. Using exciting and interesting case studies from other sectors, the conference will explore the opportunities of automation and big data for facilities management – and the potential pitfalls as well as looking at contractual difficulties and major economic forces which FMs will need to prepare for.

ThinkFM 2018 topics will include:

  • The age of uncertainty and the commercial world of FM
  • Don’t fear the algorithm (but don’t believe it either!)
  • The international angle
  • New tools, new threats

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What delegates said about ThinkFM 2016: