ThinkFM 2017

FM in a Connected World

Evolving from last year’s theme on productivity, the 2017 conference theme is ‘FM in a Connected World’; exploring how technological advances are transforming the way the world works and how facilities and workplaces can be created, managed and developed, all of which is impacting on FM’s ability to deliver more productive workplaces, energy efficient and sustainable environments and healthier workforces through smarter, more flexible and responsive solutions.

With new technology rapidly changing the way people interact with each other and the world around them, technology and its application is fast becoming the most important resource for FM professionals. The conference will look at how the influence of new tech is impacting on the facilities management sector and the latest innovations helping prepare FMs for the challenges of the future.

What to expect:

  • Case studies from business and FM leaders who are developing or implementing new tech solutions so you can learn from their experience
  • Expert insights from thought leaders in the field of technology
  • A glimpse into the future and how technological, societal and economic factors will affect our organisations and ways of working
  • Insights on how to enable the full potential of your people, as individuals and as teams through FM
  • All with a new host to chair and compere the day and a new venue – the Science Museum, London
  • Plentiful networking opportunities starting with breakfast and closing with the popular drinks reception