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ThinkFM conference 2018 will feature debate by the industry’s leaders on business profitability and the major disruptors which will impact FM and FM professionals. Using exciting and interesting case studies from other sectors, the conference will explore the opportunities of automation and big data for facilities management – and the potential pitfalls as well as looking at contractual difficulties and major economic forces which FMs will need to prepare for. Delegates to the conference will come away with an understanding of the major cross-winds buffeting the sector and what strategies might be available to secure a stable future.

Although the conference is essential for those concerned with FM strategy, it has also been designed to provide real take away learnings for operational FMs who need to be able to implement who need to be able to implement plans on the ground.

The age of uncertainty and the commercial world of FM

The ThinkFM Conference will open with papers covering the macro economic shocks that FM professionals will be facing in the coming years, exploring potential major changes to outsourcing and PFIs. This section of the conference will culminate in an industry leaders insights on imminent changes for FM and how they can be dealt with advantageously.

This session will be opened by Vicky Pryce who will provide the keynote. The noted economist and much feted public speaker will provide valuable insights on the imminent changes for FM and how they can be dealt with advantageously. She will be talking about the ‘dark art’ of forecasting and whether we should believe economic forecasts including a look at Brexit and the re-balancing of the economy – financial services vs manufacturing, north vs south.

Don’t fear the algorithm (but don’t believe it either!)

Big data is both a threat and an opportunity, this section of the conference will provide you with an understanding of the pitfalls of data manipulation and the insights to ensure that you remain a sought after employee, even if your current post succumbs to the data revolution. Data roles are appearing within FM companies and the relevant skills often lie with the millennials but the issue is not collecting the data, but producing useful, useable information from it. Delegates will come away with an understanding of the advantages of big data, how to avoid the pitfalls and how to make the most of the data you already have.

The international angle

UK FM managers are highly sought after internationally and are infiltrating international markets, some of which are less mature than in the UK. Delegates who are considering the possibility of working overseas will be interested in expert speakers who will alert them to high paid opportunities and explain how to find out what’s available.
This session will also explore FM data from various international regions and will make the case for additional data gathering.

New tools, new threats

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is possibly the biggest threat to professional and operational jobs in the coming decade. It will have a big impact on FM so this session will focus on how AI is impacting in other related sectors before looking at what the impacts are likely to be in FM. Delegates will come away with ideas on how they could use AI to create a competitive advantage for their firms.

Speakers and sessions will be added to this programme over the coming weeks.

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