Adapt or Disappear

In 2018, the ThinkFM conference theme was: ‘Think (beyond) FM – adapt or disappear. The conference explored major disrupters in facilities management and how businesses can use them to their advantage. The conference also offered insights and debate by the industry’s leaders on contracts, profitability and the macro economic shocks that impact FM professionals.

What was covered in 2018

  • Debate by the industry’s leaders on business profitability and the major disruptors which will impact FM and FM professionals.
  • Exciting and interesting case studies from other sectors, that will be used to explore the opportunities of automation and big data for facilities management – and the potential pitfalls as well as looking at contractual difficulties and major economic forces which FMs will need to prepare for.
  • Insight of the major cross-winds buffeting the sector and what strategies might be available to secure a stable future.
  • Real take away learnings for strategic and operational FMs.

ThinkFM 2018 topics

  • The age of uncertainty & The commercial world of FM
  • Don’t fear the algorithm (but don’t believe it either!)
  • The International Angle
  • New tools, New threats