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How technology maps the way ahead

With less than two weeks until this year’s ThinkFM conference, James McHale, managing director of Memoori, spoke to BIFM’s official magazine FM World about what he will be focusing on during his session ‘The Long Winding Road Towards Truly Intelligent Buildings’.

“I will be talking about the Internet of Things and will present research published at the end of last year that looks at its impact on the built environment.

“Technology in the built environment is becoming more commonplace, from video cameras and electronic readers on doors. But we have to remember it’s not just about collecting data but interpreting it and seeing how to use it to add value to an organisation. In the future, it will form the central nervous system of a building. It will allow us to focus on – not just the output of a physical building – but assessing whether buildings are more fit for purpose for users. For instance, hospitals make people well again – how can the building help with that? More efficiency within a building would improve patient recovery times.

“A lot of companies are focused on retaining staff and providing an environment where they won’t get sick – another indication of how the data can be used. We are focused on buildings and outcomes against the way the construction industry has (traditionally) operated, which has been more of a ‘measure, quantify and define’ approach.

“Predictive maintenance is a big issue for FMs and it should be a part of the feedback loop. It is better to see the early signs of problems and deal with them before they appear.”

  • You can find full details of the ThinkFM programme including more on James’s session here.