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With over 35 years of project management and moves experience our Waste to Wonder team provide an ethical and environmentally managed solution to the disposal of all redundant office furniture and equipment.

FM Companies: tendering for new customers or re-bidding for existing framework agreements is about demonstrating what you will or what you have provided the customer throughout the agreed term.

Waste to Wonder can strengthen and support your next customer tender by as much as 20% within the Environmental/CSR weighted sections.

Facility Managers: it’s about providing a company real cost savings, auditability and adhering to policy for all stakeholders.

Waste to Wonder can deliver substantial recycling cost savings, elevate your customers CSR brand credentials and provide full auditability with concise reports/carbon measurement and a filmed case study.

What is the Waste to Wonder ethical clearance?  The provision of a seamless, managed process for office clearances. Many of our blue chip companies have seen 1000’s of tonnes of redundant office furniture and equipment distributed to support almost700 schools in 18 countries plus hundreds of UK charities.

We are engaged on projects from 20 – 5000 workstations including auxiliary items; typically redistributing up to 80% by volume.

Case Study example: From November 2017 to date has seen one important CBRE customer use Waste to Wonder to ethically redistribute over 3000 Desks, Chairs and Pedestals in support of education in Sierra Leone, Kenya and India.