Dr Claire Penny

Dr Claire Penny


Dr Claire Penny is the Global Industry Leader for IBM Watson Internet of Things for Buildings and is responsible for delivering solutions and innovation to worldwide building users and operators.

In this role, she gets to combine all her passion, experience and learning from the past 16 years and focus it into BIM (Building Information Modelling) and IoT (Internet of Things) in the operational phase of a building.

This combination means she can add value to customers, whilst working and collaborating with brilliant teams (both internal and external) to develop and deliver cognitive building solutions.

She regularly shares her knowledge and passion through public speaking and social media activities, delivering presentations on topics such as Cognitive Buildings, IoT, BIM, IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System), Energy Optimisation and Environmental Affairs.

Session: Please tell us what you think…Mr or Mrs Building!

Cognitive IoT enables buildings to learn how people use them, their preferences, how this influences energy consumption and the performance of assets. Based on this knowledge, the building can optimise individual comfort and energy consumption, and operation and maintenance teams are informed in relation to asset health and condition.

Claire’s talk will introduce how cognitive technologies, from machine learning to augmented reality, enable scalable solutions that will change how we see and interact with our buildings.

“We spend 90% of our time in a building of some description so isn’t it time we started using the building’s data and intelligence to ensure a fantastic experience all day, every day no matter what we are doing in the building?” – Dr Claire Penny

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