James McHale

James McHale


James McHale is managing director of Memoori, a London-based consultancy company providing independent market research, business intelligence and advice on Smart Building technologies to companies across the value chain; supporting them in making the right business decisions.

His writing focuses on Smart Buildings, video surveillance, access control, LED lighting, lighting controls, Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Smart Grid.

Session: The Long Winding Road Towards Truly Intelligent Buildings

We are an ageing population that is rapidly urbanising and society needs better buildings to cope with these demographic changes.

James will debate why it is simply not feasible now with the ways we currently construct and operate our buildings and cities, and argue why a fundamental change in thinking is needed in order to turn smart buildings into an effective solution to tackle these challenges.

“The Internet of Things will help fundamentally change the way we design and operate buildings.” – James McHale.