Jane Cooper

Jane Cooper


Jane Cooper is an Operations Director for Skanska’s Facilities Services operation, a business with more than 800 employees operating in mostly defence, healthcare, education, commercial, local authority and blue light sectors.

With over 20 years’ experience in a variety of sectors including Total Facilities Management (TFM), hospitality, education and healthcare, Jane has a proven track record of developing and maintaining great customer relationships.

Jane is really keen in challenging the technology we currently use and how we can develop smarter ways of using the data to improve customer experience and risk based maintenance.

Panel session: How Technology is Changing the Face of FM

Technology is transforming FM delivery and, with the rapid acceleration in the implementation of new technologies taking place (estimated to reach about 21billion connected devices by 2021 (Gartner)), it means the FM delivery model and management is likely to look very different in 5-10 years’ time.

Hear from the leading minds in the FM service delivery space who are changing the nature of delivery today and researching, designing and building new technological advances for the future. This session will include presentations from these thought leaders and an in-depth panel discussion and audience Q&A.

During the panel debate, Jane will discuss how FM needs to harness the power of technology to deliver a more responsive, efficient, greener and proactive service that is directly linked to end-user outcomes.

“Technology has the power to transform the delivery of FM services and it is vital we use it to improve customer and end-user experiences and drive sustainability as much as we use it for cost reduction and efficiency.” – Jane Cooper 

Download the presentation slides: