Reid Cunningham

Reid Cunningham


Reid Cunningham is the strategic development director for BAM FM Ltd, a facilities management contractor operating throughout the UK.

In this role, he is UK project leader for the company’s ‘BIM for FM’ project, which has implemented FM applications of Building Information Modelling for the management, operation and maintenance of facilities.

Reid is also leading BAM FM’s investigation of IoT and trials of robotic technology for the delivery of FM services in the UK. He also participates in the firm’s collaborative BIM, IoT and robot projects with other BAM FM group companies in Europe.

In addition, Reid is deputy chair of FSI’s user group for the coordination and sharing of information between users of FSI software products.

He is also leading BAM FM’s implementation of energy reduction and renewable energy solutions delivered by subsidiary company BAM Energy.

Panel session: How Technology Is Changing the Face of FM

Technology is transforming FM delivery and, with the rapid acceleration in the implementation of new technologies taking place (estimated to reach about 21billion connected devices by 2021 (Gartner)), it means the FM delivery model and management is likely to look very different in 5-10 years’ time.

Hear from the leading minds in the FM service delivery space who are changing the nature of delivery today and researching, designing and building new technological advances for the future. This session will include presentations from these thought leaders and an in-depth panel discussion and audience Q&A.

Reid will illustrate opportunities and examples of where digital technology and IoT can provide value to customers and facilities management activities and describe some of the areas where further development is required before these technologies can make a useful contribution to FM.

“Digital technology and IoT have the capability to disrupt the FM industry’s normal linear approaches to planned and reactive activities.” – Reid Cunningham

Download the presentation slides: