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Time for the FM Market to Grow up?

“Next week’s ThinkFM conference will indeed cause us to ‘Think FM’ – there has rarely been a more significant time for us to re-examine not only our own working behaviour, but more so this in the context of a poor perception and value of our industry. The negative views reach way beyond the men and women in the street and they are manifested in the stock market and general anti Fm sentiment of the retail banks that support the industry.

This may sound sweeping and generalistic, but the dramas of our industry have been played out in full public view in recent months and the whole spectacle has been most unedifying!

Accordingly this is a time when we should be focussing on the positives and if we are to emerge in good shape from this phase of our industry’s incarnation, we need to be acting with a common voice and promoting creative and positive thinking and solutions. It is this more constructive language and confidence that will encourage the youth and talent that is following and will follow to make a proper career out of the wider facilities management and service industry.

I look forward to addressing the BIFM audience in London on Tuesday and sharing my views and suggestions for a positive future.”

Jeremy Waud, Chairman, Incentive FM Group

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